Become A Robbie Page CLIENT
The ultimate personal coaching I can offer: Access at the highest level to the hungriest people for help and growth!
Clients receive coaching in their desired area - whether it's in their marriage, building relationships, managing and growing their business, being an entrepreneur or maximizing their spiritual journey - when they need, they gain access to me via text & personal calls. Each one fills out an extensive preliminary evaluation so we can maximize client time and create efficiency in attacking client goals. The key differentiator to being a Client is this one thing... ACCESS. You have access to me via Text, Email, Phone, Zoom, Marco Polo, Facebook, and any other platform I operate on in order to communicate back and forth. All time is 100% individual and personal. Whether it's business, marriage, parenting, or a combination of topics; simply utilize the access you have to get coaching you need from me, when you need it.
Cost: $2,000 per month
Pay Annually: $22,500 ($1,500 savings)
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